Lífrænt sojakerti - Sage & Lavander
Lífrænt sojakerti - Sage & Lavander

Lífrænt sojakerti - Sage & Lavander

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Organic soy wax candle - sage and lavender

The combination of sage and lavender unfolds a mystical power of protection while purifying negative energies. The mind calms down and opens to higher spheres.

Since ancient times, people have used candlelight to warm themselves, to
drive away darkness and as a gift on ceremonial occasions. They knew about the luminous power of candlelight, the nourishing power for our soul and the touch in the heart.
Energize your spaces with the power of the Flower of Life combined with cleansing and uplifting essential oils and natural herbs. This enchanting candle creates magical, fragrant moments - whether on the altar table, for meditation or on a festive table.

Natural soy wax, tested for residue with lead-free cotton wick.
Burning time approx. 60 hours
H: 9 cm, ø 8 cm