Glös með orkustöðvunum

Glös með orkustöðvunum

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Glös með orkustöðvunum 7
7 stykki í setti
Hæð: 8,5 cm
Innihald: sirka 250 ml
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Myth glass with flower of life or chakras

The trinomial shape has been created according to the law of golden incision. The including water (also suitable for juice) is strengthened in its biological virtue and its taste is becoming more bloomy. The drinking cup MYTH is robust on purpose as it s produced for the intensive daily life. This makes it perfect for kids or the gastronomic use. Its shape is made in a way that it can fall over- try it! Suitable for daily use.

Myth chakra 7 glasses set
Height approx. 8,5 cm, content approx. 0,25 litres
(Please note: The drawings are subject to the usual tolerances of mouth-blown products)