Ritúal kerti - lífrænt

Ritúal kerti - lífrænt

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Lífrænt & 100% náttúruleg kerti - handunnið í Þýskalandi
Inniheldur náttúrulegar ilmkjarnaolíur - Rós, Van Van & möndluolíu
Brennslutími: 72 klst
Kemur í fallegri gjafaöskju
Hæð: 16 cm
Þvermál: 7,5 cm

This three-day wish-fulfilment candle is an effective and powerful tool to help you realise your own dreams, wishes and goals.

During a wonderful ritual, this candle helps you to strengthen your positive thoughts and discard the negative belief patterns. For positive thoughts and energies are the forces that favour and ultimately fulfil the wishes and goals. However, you should only make one wish per wish candle so that the energy can concentrate better on the one wish and thus enable the wish candle to work more quickly. This candle is a high quality intention candle, handmade with the power of the moon. The white colour, fragrant oils, powerful herbs and rose petals work in unison to help your heart's desire come true.
Ritual description enclosed.
Fragrance: Rose, Van Van and Almond

This high quality healing herb candle was designed according to the knowledge of Hildegard von Bingen. It combines her knowledge of medicinal herbs, healing stones and aromatherapy. It is hand-poured with 100% natural essential oils, made of palm wax (organic) and has a burning time of approx. 72 hours.

palm oil (organic) 100% natural essential oils, wooden wick and organic herbs 100% hand-poured in Germany
H: 16 cm, D: 7,5 cm