Reykelsi - Forehead Chakra
Reykelsi - Forehead Chakra

Reykelsi - Forehead Chakra

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Forehead Chakra
The forehead chakra strengthens our intuition, opens up to higher dimensions and brings mental clarity.

Ingredients: Sal, Dammar, nutmeg and others
10 g net, glowing time 30-60 minutes

Unfortunately, the previous line was discontinued and so we decided to throw all our knowledge together and create the best possible for each individual chakra with precisely coordinated plants, roots and flowers in order to offer true support for these fine energy vortices. Of course, only natural ingredients were used and mixed with 100% pure essential oils.

They are carefully made into a dough and lovingly rolled by hand.
They support the respective chakra in opening and balancing it. Blockages are released and our connection to our finer bodies is strengthened.
The seven chakras are energy centers in our body that condense vibrations from our subtle bodies and express them in our bodies.