Tásuglennur fyrir Bunion - Hallux Toe Spreader

Tásuglennur fyrir Bunion - Hallux Toe Spreader

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Toe Spreader & Pressure Protection For Ball Of Foot

The soft gel gently corrects Hallux toe position and takes pressure off the sensitive bunion. There is one piece in the package, it can be worn on the right or left foot.

  • corrects toe malposition
  • in case of toes lying close together or on top of each other
  • for Hallux Valgus
  • durable gel
  • handwashable

Every fourth woman suffers from hallux valgus. The big toe bends inwards at the metacarpophalangeal joint, in addition the toes often lie closely together. The ball of the foot is subjected to greater strain, which can cause discomfort when walking. Closely positioned toes often cause additional pain.

The ergonomic pedag Hallux Toe Spreader is made of a soft and skin-friendly gel and wraps itself around the stressed ball of toes, protecting the skin from friction and direct pressure, thus relieving and preventing discomfort. In addition, the integrated toe spreader corrects closely lying toes.

The pedag Hallux Toe Spreader made of soft and elastic gel is hygienic, skin-friendly and washable.