Hreinsikubbur fíngerður - Nubuck Cleaner Fine

Hreinsikubbur fíngerður - Nubuck Cleaner Fine

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Hreinsukubbur fyrir Nubuck leður, split-leður og rúskinn. 

Dry cleaning for nubuck leather

Gentle eraser for stains, edges or bare areas on fine nubuck leather. The eraser gently removes stains in no time at all - without any water.

  • eraser for fine nubuck leather
  • ideal for dry cleaning
  • removes stains on the leather surface

Simply rub the leather eraser over the stain, then brush it out, e.g. with the shoe brush pedag combi-brush. In no time the stain is forgotten and your nubuck leather shoes are ready for their appearance again.