Glös með Flower Of Life
Glös með Flower Of Life
Glös með Flower Of Life

Glös með Flower Of Life

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Glös með Flower Of Life
6 stykki í setti
Hæð: 8,5 cm
Innihald: sirka 250 ml
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Flower of Life drinking-glasses "-Mythos"- - set of 6
The 3-division shape of this drinking-glass has been designed according to the law of the Golden Cut. The water (or other liquid) inside is strengthened in its chemical valency, and its taste may become slightly more flowery.

The drinking-glass "-Mythos"- has been consciously planned, and is designed to be useful and function in our busy, everyday lives. It is thus suitable for use by children, as well as adults. The Mythos glasses were cleverly constructed in a deliberate way, so that it's almost impossible to topple them over- just try it out!
Suitable for daily use - good for hot or cold drinks.

"-Mythos"- - Set of 6
Drinking-glass with flower of life in 23.8 ct gold burned in the bottom.
Height ca. 8.5 cm, content ca. 0.25 l