Kork jógakubbur - stór
Kork jógakubbur - stór
Kork jógakubbur - stór

Kork jógakubbur - stór

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Yoga cork block, large

Yoga blocks are a popular aid for all kinds of exercises. They can be used as a support, as a seat elevator, for stretching exercises and support the yogi in various postures.
Our cork blocks are made of high-quality cork. Cork is an environmentally friendly, natural material. It is particularly suitable as a yoga block due to its grip and pleasant feel. With a low weight, the cork block is robust and yet slightly elastic at the same time.

Three symbols strengthen the energy of your yoga exercises:

    - Flower of Life: Helps us remember who we really are.

    - Buddha man: Symbolises the unity of body, soul & spirit

    - Mandala: Gives harmony

H: 10 cm, L: 23 cm, B: 15 cm