Lífrænt kerti - Rótarstöðin

Lífrænt kerti - Rótarstöðin

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Sacral chakra

This high-quality chakra scented candle is made from vegetable stearin (organic) with pure natural essential oils, real semi-precious stones and organic plant mixtures. It is lovingly handcrafted in Germany. Each chakra has its own specific oils, semi-precious stones and botanicals used to support and balance it.

The sacral chakra stands for creative life energy, self-confidence, creativity and sensuality. When the sacral chakra is balanced, we can again perceive our life with all our senses, live out our creativity without restrictions, be free from fear and enjoy intimacy.
Fragrance: Orange and Almonds
With Orange Calcite, Citrine, Oregano & Orange Blossom.

Each candle is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a classy black box.
All candles have wide wooden wicks and burn for up to 48 hours.
H: 9 cm, ø 10 cm